YUDO-Suns provides a wide range of robots for plastic injection molding factories.

Robotic systems are represented by models meets the highest requirements for accuracy and speed of movement.

Modern controllers allow easy programming of the process of extracting goods, hardware diagnostics and safety of use.

YUDO produce robots in different categories:

  • Pneumatic robots for the removal of the plastic product or extraction of the sprue

  • Linear robots with combination of servo and pneumatic axis for not complex tasks

  • Robots with servo drives on all axes with wide capabilities and high load capacity
  • Robots to work with sandwich molds equipped with multiple vertical axes
  • Robots with extended longitudinal axis, to save space and optimize the assembly process of finished parts. Which robot allows to storage the plastic parts at the end face of the injection molding machine

  • Robots with a side entery to the area of injection molding machine and mold, for IML technology and high-speed processes

  • High-speed robots for high-precision molding of thin-walled products
All robots have an interface EUROMAP and it can be equipped with a wide range of additional equipment.

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